Your locally owned, hometown flooring showroom.
Your locally owned, hometown flooring showroom.
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We Are A Harristone And Merrillstone Dealer

Hi Country Floors To Go is your number one Harristone dealer in the Gunnison area!
Why choose Harristone? Natural stone is solid, rugged and impervious to the elements. It's also extremely expensive, not to mention heavy. Precast stones deliver the authentic look and feel of natural stone without the expensive price tag. That's why it is used as an accent on everything from new and existing homes to commercial buildings.

The choice of working professionals.
Our lightweight, all-masonry precast stone requires no footings, foundation or structural support when used on a solid surface. It simply offers the genuine look and feel of natural stone and installs quickly and easily. That explains why Harristone is the precast stone of choice for professional masons and remodeling specialists across the country.

The art of creating Harristone. There's an art to creating authentic and easy-to-use stone. An art we've been perfecting for more than 30 years. We begin the process by scouring the country to find the most expressive and exceptional stones. From Southwestern deserts and glacially fed rivers to the rolling hills of America's heartland, our search for characteristic stone has taken us to some spectacular places.
Hi Country Floors To Go is your number one Merrillstone dealer in the Gunnison area!
After hand-selecting stones in a variety of sizes and shapes, we return to our manufacturing facility where we create custom-molds of each stone. It's during this casting process that our expert masons chisel, smooth and refine each stone pattern. As a result, Harristone installs quickly and easily, whether you're a professional mason or handling the job yourself.
Hi Country Floors To Go is your number one Merrillstone dealer in the Gunnison area!
Hi Country Floors To Go is your number one Merrillstone dealer in the Gunnison area!
The True Beauty Of Natural Stone

Merrillstone was first conceived in 2011. It began as a division of G.S. Harris Co., Inc., a leader in the manufactured stone business for more than 50 years. Manufacturing Harristone stone veneer, G. S. Harris Co., Inc., is well known throughout the western United States, growing into a viable and self-sustaining company. 

Merrillstone will continue this legacy with its Thin Veneer product line of beautiful, natural stone veneer. Let Merrillstone products turn your house into a home, and your commercial project into a work of art.

Merrillstone offers simplicity and natural beauty for homes, and commercial projects. We guarantee our unique product will offer the timelessness of natural stone at a fraction of the cost through the inventive use of "thin veneer". 

Merrillstone professionalizes in cutting Thin Veneer. This Thin Veneer is approximately 1" thick with corresponding corners that give a full stone look without the added cost or weight.
Thin Veneer provides the beauty of natural stone without compromising the structural integrity of your home or building. Merrillstone is unique to other products offered because of this use of 100% natural stone. Merrillstone's Thin Veneer product is a perfect solution for any residential and commercial project.